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MOL (Missing Objects Library)

Reimagining 3D Libraries for Inclusion and Equity​


Our project’s goal is aligned with intersectional feminist values: we seek to disrupt the status quo which is dominated by cis, hetero, white normativity. As digital artists, we’ve used 3D models for many different projects across myriad domains, and we have all observed explicit biases that undergird gender disparity. For example, we are currently in our research phase for the Missing Object Library, and we are examining physical and cultural representation of humans using TurboSquid and Sketchfab. While all models have texture maps featuring clothing, most female models have an option that includes a fully nude character with detailed genitalia. We found this across the board, from the “Asian Female Surgeon” to the “Chinese Schoolgirl” and including the “Blonde Business Woman,” to name a few examples. While there is no shortage of nude texture maps for female characters, there are few, if any, real-world objects that female-identifying people might use. Our searches yielded very few tampons and maxi-pads (all in-wrapper or unused) and zero breast binders (medical devices used to minimize breast appearance for queer or transgender people). One of our first curated collections in the MOL will be Hidden Hygiene Objects, which focuses on invisible products that are essential to the health and happiness of people who menstruate or have breasts. We celebrate the different colors, sizes, textures, features, and abilities of the body. We battle shame and trauma by foregrounding those things that we were taught to hide.


Jill Miller, Artist
Asma Kazmi, Artist
Kathy Wang, Design Director

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