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Smell Revived

Role:  Co-founder,

Designer &  Technologist


Kathy Wang, Ziqing Li


- Ideation

- Branding

- Product Design

- Prototyping

- Electrical engineering

- 3D Modeling & Rendering

- Video Production

​- Manufacturing Planning

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Smell Revived is the first virtual reality smell training system targeting Post-COVID smell dysfunction. This product is aiming to revolutionize the smell training experience. By bringing Virtual Reality into smell therapy, we make the therapy experience more fun, engaging and effective. 


Among 77% of COVID-19 patients who had smell loss during COVID, 5 to 10% still have smell dysfunction after the recovery. Considering the amount of COVID-19 patients globally, this is a large population. One good news is that there is a way to find their sense of smell back. In various clinical studies, smell training is most useful for people with a post-viral loss of the sense of smell. However, traditional smell training is a tedious process lasting for 4-6 months. This therapy heavily relies on the patients’ ability to recall memories. Also, doctors can’t keep an accurate track of their patients’ sense of smell, which leads to an unclear scientific solution.


Scent-delivery Device Prototype


Demo Video


A Smell Revived system consists of a training pod, essential oil filling tablets and a virtual reality experience platform. Our training pod is wireless and lightweight. Users could pair their pod to a VR headset or mobile phone via Bluetooth. The piezo in the pod will release a corresponding scent every time a user interacts with the item in VR surroundings. We could control the scent strength and residence time to mimic a lifelike experience. We strengthen the visual and aural stimulation related to a scent by designing a corresponding unique lifelike VR experience.


This procedure helps patients to deeply focus on current scent and to better retrain their brain and nose to remember the smell. Beyond that, we have a system for progression data analytics. By analysing the patient’s responding time on scent quizzes, we can get a quantified record of the progression. Patients can monitor their training time for each scent, total training time,and so on.


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