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& Electrical Engineer

Individual Project: 

Kathy Wang


- Ideation

- UI/UX Design

- 3D Modeling & Rendering

- Video Production



A Magic Leap AR App Designed for Remote Collaboration

Design Process
Demo Video

IdeateAR: Giving Freedom to Ideas

Ideate AR provides a productive and collaborative environment where people can join, be creative and free the imagination. Participants with different skill sets, creative processes and backgrounds, makes the brainstorming activity richer. With Ideate AR we can augment this ideas and process by transcends traditional mediums of communication - such as paper, whiteboards and screens - in an immersive, multi-user environment making the ideation session more creative and productive. We can also get inspired and work on ideas on the go: Brainstorm different, get creative, collaborate with others.

Demo Video:

gallery (1).jpg

UI Instructions Design:

When designing UI for AR/VR apps, I tend to incorporate my product design skills. We shouldn't design interfaces with 2D thinking anymore, because AR/VR is spatial computing. For example, In this project I designed a physical trash to let users delete stuffs instead of designing a 2D flat icon.



When in brainstorming sessions, we see how difficult it is to express ideas, share them or have participative and fluid communication. Everyone shares ideas differently, with different skill sets and forms to approaching problems. Some participants might not be as inspired or not even present in the session, impacting productivity of the team. This can make sessions time consuming and overwhelming.

Team communication and sketching is the primary tool when brainstorming: We tend to explain our ideas verbally and support them with visual elements (sketches, images, videos, data, etc..). The creative flow of the session can be disrupted when participants are not present or they can’t share the idea at the moment quickly and fluid.

In fact, we came across as a team with this challenge during the hackathon, as other teams did: People from different parts of the world, profiles and experiences came together to ideate a new product experience. How can we make the ideation process more productive and intuitive with the little time that we had?

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