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Boost Board


Team Lead
& AR/VR Designer

Team of 6: 

Kathy Wang, Ziqing Li, Menno Van Rijn, Maria Mayol, Lalo Escobar, Carolina Molto


- Ideation

- UI/UX Design

- 3D Modeling & Rendering

- Video Production


Boost Board

Augmented reality that boosts connections between hospital peers



Boost Board uses mixed reality to cultivate social interactions in hospitals to improve mood and mental health in pediatric patients. The stress and isolation that can result from prolonged stays in the hospital can wreak havoc on a small impressionable child’s mental health. Boost Board seeks to mitigate the impact of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety by enabling patients to share messages and good vibes, play games, and stay connected to the outside world without the risk of contagion.


Long-term hospitalized patients often feel isolated, anxious about their situation, and with much time to spend by themselves.
Having possibilities to socialize with peers helps boost morale and distract from challenging experiences.


Our mission is to help long-term hospitalized children and adolescents to not feel alone while in the hospital, and to have a stay which is as enjoyable and tolerable as possible.

We aim to achieve this through My Boost Board, an app under development that will help young patients connect with each other in a fun and supportive way, making the hospital a more trusted place to be in.

Young patients can design, post, and exchange interactive AR messages to decorate their rooms, give support to each other, and co-create a fun and engaging AR environment in the hospital common areas.


3D game design within the social AR app.


3D modeling and animation of the room and AR stickers


Animation of the Common Room:

Demo Video:

Award and Conference

From Hack the Hospital to Mobile World Congress 2022

Our idea was chosen winner of the Hack the Hospital challenge in 2021, a project aimed at exploring the potential of 5G and XR technologies applied to paediatric healthcare.

It was led by the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona) and Boston Children’s Hospital (Boston), supported by Cisco, IBM, GSMA, CaixaBank, Barcelona Tech City, 5G Barcelona and MedVR, and organized by Garage Stories and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. It gathered more than 200 participants from all over the globe, internationally renowned mentors, and patient testimonials in a 3-day hackathon. A wonderful experience of collaboration and co-creation.

After receiving this recognition, we will have the pleasure to incubate and pilot My Boost Board at both hospitals the coming year.


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