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VR Exhibit: Her Story

In order to celebrate Pride Month during 2020, Department of Lesbian Alliance in in Chinese Rainbow Network (CRN), the largest Chinese LGBTQ+ Non-Profit Organization (NPO) registered in North America, collabrates with Kathy's studio BroadAR to present「Her Story」, a Virtual Art Exhibitionon on June 15th. We want you to be able to go through this exhibition online, and have a wonderful opportunity to get to know more Chinese LGBTQ+ female artists and their works better. By walking through this exhibition, you can find out the unique life stories behind these artists. We are here to celebrate who they are.

Here is the link of the exhibit:
Please note that there will be a very long loading time for first-time user to enter the "Free mode" on PC.
The experience includes sound, so please turn down the volume before you enter.


Chinese Rainbow Network



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